* A full statement of beliefs, including supporting Scripture references is available to those who are interested.  The following is a summary of our essential beliefs.

At English Village Community Church, we believe:

1.  The Bible:  The Bible is God's Word without error and reveals how we ought to live.

2.  God:  There is one God who is revealed in three Persons:  Father, Son and Spirit.

3.  Sin:  We believe mankind was created in God's image but chose rebellion, resulting in separation from God.

4.  Salvation:  We believe that only through faith in Jesus Christ can we be restored to right relationship with God.

5.  The Church:  We believe the church's mission is to reach the unsaved, equip believers and connect people to their God-given destinies in an atmosphere of unity and love.

6.  Leadership:  Every believer has God-given gifts to help the church and both men and women are part of our leadership.  Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers ("Five-fold Ministry Gifts") are all active in the church today to help us grow into maturity in Christ.

7.  Holy Spirit Baptism & Gifts:  We believe baptism in the Holy Spirit is an experience with God that opens the door to operation in the spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues and prophecy.

8.  Divine Healing:  We believe God answers prayers to heal the sick today as He always has.  We love seeing miracles, and we believe God wants to use all believers to heal the sick!

9.  The Second Coming & Eternity:  We believe that Jesus Christ will return for the church at any moment.  We believe in a literal heaven and literal hell.  God allows each of us to make a choice about our eternal fate based upon our decision to accept or reject Jesus as Lord.

10.  Marriage & Sexuality:  As a church we are committed to cultivating healthy marriages between men and women.  We believe LGBT, adultery, pornography, and other practices the Bible describes as sinful are harmful to a person spiritually and emotionally.  We believe those dealing with these life issues are loved by God and deserve our love and respect.